Tippy Ladder

Tippy Ladder

    • Actual Size: 13ft wide x 19 ft long x 8ft High
    • Setup Area: 15ft wide x 22 ft long x 10ft High
    • Outlets: 1 regular 3 prong outlet required with 15 amp minimum breaker
    • Age Group: 4 years and up. 3 Person Max Capacity. Must be minimum of 36" in height for public events
    • Attendants: 1 required. Supervision can be done by an adult volunteer. Attendent's are additional and can be added under "Professional Staffing"

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The entertainment value of watching your friends try and weeble-wobble their way to the top of the Tippy Ladder is worth every penny! 

The rope ladder is connected at the start and at the end.  The object of the Tippy Ladder game, is to climb up and across the ladder without tipping.

But don't worry if you fall, because there is a giant inflatable mattress waiting to catch you.

Sometimes referred to as the Jacob's Ladder, the Tippy Ladder is a two player interactive game that will challenge you.  It's suitable for most age groups, is easy to set up and transport and provides hours of fun competition.  This game can be used in Team Building activities and in School Events where you can award prizes if someone is successful getting across the ladder.

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